Importing Files from Divi Marketplace Downloads

Downloads purchased on the Divi Marketplace are zip files containing the Divi Builder JSON file and a license.txt file. 

Here's an example of the DiviWP Homepage Layout file unzipped:

Import via Drag and Drop

Now you can simply drag and drop the "DiviWP Homepage Layout 1.json" file into your Divi page:

You will then see the following settings modal:

You can optionally select "Replace existing content" if you want to remove any of your sections you've already designed. If you do not check this option then the layout will load beneath your last section. 

Finally, clicking on "Import Divi Builder Layout" will import your layout to your page. 

Import via the Portability System

If you're not comfortable dragging and dropping the json file into your page, then you can import files directly into your pages via the Divi Builder. 

If you're editing on the front-end then clicking on up and down arrow will open the Portability options. 

If you're editing on the back-end then clicking on up and down arrow will open the Portability options. 

You can then follow the directions above just like when you drag and drog into the page.

When the import is finished, the page will reload and you can make your changes. 

2. Collection of Sections Layout 

If you purchase a layout that contains a selection of sections the import process is exactly the same as the process outlined above. 

These layouts contain all of the sections along with their titles as a page layout you can import. 

Please Note: This file does not contain all of the individual sections as seperate files. It is a layout of a page with all the sections listed with their titles. This is useful as you can import this page into your website and use it as your own library gallery to browse variations of sections and then create your own presets,  copy/paste or save to your library. 

Don't be alarmed by the .json file extension. json stands for "Javascript Object Notation" and is the mechanism Divi uses for importing and exporting layouts and sections within its theme framework. 

Once you have downloaded the file, you can follow the tutorial outlined above on importing into your won website.

Here is an example of what the Hero layout looks like after it's been imported in a new page on a website: